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Holding space for you to blossom and emotional support when times are tough

Sometimes, you may need a deep listener to bare witness for all that is unfolding for you, and other times you may be looking for support, guidance and wisdom to move through a difficult time or to reconnect with what it is that make's your heart sing and explore ways of nurturing more of that into your life.

Generally, people come to me for 1:1 support for one of three main reasons:

1. You may be going through a really difficult time and could benefit from warm and compassionate soul tending as you feel all that needs to be felt and explore the challenges you face.  

2. You may realise that how your life looks and feels, doesn't really match what you long for inside and you'd like some help to transition into deeper alignment with your heart, mind, spirituality and intuition.  

3. Or finally, you may be clear on who you are and feel content with your life.  You may have developed some wonderful ways of nurturing your intuition, your wisdom and your spirituality, but you would really appreciate just checking in with someone every now and again, to recalibrate or feel into a particular situation or challenge.

The approach I take is gentle and easeful, and I prefer to work with you over a number of sessions. If we push too hard to make changes, our bodies, minds and souls may resist or the changes may be abrupt creating emotional disturbance as things come up to be seen. I work with a gentle flower essence range and prefer to work slowly, so that your entire being welcomes the process and softens around the healing process. 

The Art of Blossoming is an 8 month personal mentoring journey, where together we explore all phases of blossoming, looking at the foundations of your life, allowing time and space for grief and trauma that may be holding you back, and then tapping into your creativity, your intuition and your unique voice as we tend to the heart of the matter and nourish you back to a sense of wholeness and alignment.

The journey is unique to each individual, guided by where you need the support most, and sometimes longer than 8 months may be needed, however, through 8 months we are generally able to tend deeply to the areas of your life that are impacting you the most.

I do also offer one off consultations or shorter experiences, depending upon your individual needs.

During a consultation with me, either online or in person, we will reflect on nature's principles, consider how nature works and thrives and seek ways to bring your life into greater harmony with nature.  This may involve deconstruction of long held beliefs and behaviours as you start to see the world and yourself in a new and brighter way.  With deep compassion and insight, I offer guidance, along with flower essences and nature connection invitations to nourish you and help you to blossom from the inside out.


Usually we will meet once a month for one hour and at the end of each session you will receive a flower essence combination to take for the month ahead, along with some nature connection invitations or journal prompts to work with until we see each other next.  Whichever route you take the consultations are £55 each and include a flower essence combination.

I encourage you to contact me to arrange a clarity call if you would like to explore this further. Through chatting or email communications, you will be able to get a greater sense of whether you would like to work with me.  Alternatively, sign up for a walk if you live close to Bury St Edmunds, or attend one of the free webinars I offer at various points to get a better sense of how I work.

You can read more about flower essences here.