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Hi, I'm Tina. Like many others, I have been on a long journey to emotional health, having experienced quite severe mental illness over 20 years ago.  I have been on prescription medication, have experienced several years of psychotherapy, have travelled, enjoyed yoga and meditation and embraced whole heartedly any personal development offering I can in order to find peace of mind.

I'm sure that all of those experiences, played a significant part in my journey, especially psychotherapy. However it is when I discovered flower essences and deepened my connection with nature, that I really started to feel as though I had arrived home... home in my heart, home in my body and home on this beautiful planet, as part of a miraculous ecosystem.

Spending time in nature mindfully and connecting deeply with the natural environment resets my state of mind and has helped raise my baseline mood to one of pure joy. The more I connect with nature, the more full of heart I feel and the more easily I am able to move through the traumas, stresses and anxieties that go hand in hand with life as a human being. It's a far cry from the wild emotions


and messy mind I experienced twenty years ago!   Flower essences have been key in helping me to shift repeating behaviours, thoughts and beliefs - that I had developed an awareness of through psychotherapy, but had been unable to shift, heal or transform. They continue to provide me with ongoing support, insight and wisdom to this day as I deepen my connection and collaborate with the plant spirits and spirit of the land to cocreate new Wild Transformational Essences.  It is testament to the impact of essences and nature connection that I have chosen to train and work in these modalities.  Nature really is THE greatest teacher and it is my greatest honour to work with people from all walks of life to help them deepen their connection with nature and in doing so help them reconnect to their true nature and authentic selves.


I invite you into deeper relationship with the natural world.  Whether you want to talk the language of science or the language of spirit, I will meet you where you want to be met and on the terms you would like to work. Please explore the site, follow me on facebook and join me for a walk, forest bathing session, one to one consultation or online programme, to reignite your relationship with nature, learn more about working with flower essences and experience first hand the peace, tranquility, reverence and joy of deeper nature connection.


I am an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association, an authorised Human Toolbox Practitioner, have completed natural mindfulness and forest bathing guide training with author Ian Banyard, and Earthwalk leadership training with John Cree.  I am currently continuing my professional development and deep self care, by participating on a 9 month Holistic Health Practitioner course, where we are diving deep into different health and medical paradigms and exploring the essence of Health itself.  It is my greatest pleasure and honour to walk beside you as you rediscover your relationship with the natural world, tap into the heart of your true essence and explore ways in which nature can become your teacher and guide.

Warm woodland wishes