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"Into the forest I go,
to lose my mind and
find my soul"
 John Muir

Do you struggle with a busy mind, full of the worries of the world, your life, the future, your relationships and your identity?

Maybe you believe you need to follow your heart, but find it difficult to even hear your heart, let alone follow it? 

Or maybe you know what you want in your heart, but something is holding you back?

Beyond the circling of your mind and your own self doubt, there is a deeper knowing within you that offers something more peaceful , more meaningful and more joyful.

Follow this invitation into a deeper connection with nature, to build a deeper connection with your true self, to open up to life and blossom into the fullness of all that you are.

I offer a range of online and in person mentoring and connection opportunities ~ all of which are created and offered from my heart, with nature as my guide.

Explore the website for nature connection experiences via a selection of online gathering opportunities or in person in the area of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. 

Contact me to arrange a 1-2-1 mentoring, nature connection and flower essence consultation.

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