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Sometimes we all need a safe space to unravel, unfold and release, as we process the situation we are in or past events.

At the heart of my work is the understanding that you hold within you, all of the wisdom and wellbeing you need to lead a fulfilling, rich and beautiful life, where your outer world, feels authentically aligned with your inner world. 

It doesn’t always feel easy to access this though and often growing, grieving or simply living and breathing can feel muddy, sticky, murky, despairing, depressing, confusing and lonely..

I provide a 1-2-1 therapeutic listening space, group courses, flower & vibrational essence support, nature-based wisdom, guided visual meditations and personal practices to help you:

  • Strengthen and soothe your nervous system to facilitate greater emotional regulation

  • Feel safe in your own body facilitating access to deeper feelings and emotions

  • Transform and move through painful emotions and experiences

  • Connect with your own deep wisdom and authenticity

  • Feel empowered and confident to walk your talk

  • Explore your spirituality, your intuition, your soul longing and your hearts desire.

Over time, I have developed a combination of qualities and skills that I weave together to create a deep and profound experience for clients, helping them to become alchemists of their own wellbeing. These include:-

  • Creating a therapeutic container

  • Deep listening and full presence

  • Flower essence prescriptions

  • Connecting with nature and aligning with nature’s principles

  • Guided visual journeys

If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, you’re invited to book a complimentary clarity call – during which time, you’ll experience a little bit of the quality and context of the work I offer.


You may find that just 20 minutes of deep listening is enough to help you move forward, which is wonderful if that happens during the clarity call.


There's no obligation to book anything and my prices vary depending on the service you need and also taking your personal circumstances into consideration. 


I try to offer a service that is accessible to all, regardless of your income, the most important consideration is your willingness to show up fully and your commitment to the process.

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