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“Tina has been an invaluable source of guidance, insights, support and wisdom over the past nearly 2 years. From the first time I “met” Tina on-line I sensed that she was a special soul who I feel grateful to have crossed paths with. Tina has a natural ability to hold space in a respectful, grounded, caring, empathic and soothing way. Tina’s qualities shine through in group and 1:1 situations. I find Tina is open-minded and hearted, I feel safe and validated by Tina and have found her guidance to be so helpful as I navigate my path. It is not often that I have met a soul who encompasses wisdom like Tina does, she has a wonderful way of sharing insights that really resonate with the heart :)

This last 3 years has provided me with a huge opportunity for personal growth and self-development. Before I started working with Tina about 2 years ago I had less self-confidence, I felt that I had less to contribute in group settings, I felt less wise, I felt like I had a lower sense of self-worth and was also inclined to be drawn into rabbit holes and dramas about the world in general. I now feel like I am more inclined to observe what is happening in the world around me like a soaring eagle – I am above it in some ways and can observe from a higher elevation. I feel less drawn to material aspects and more to the spiritual. I have seen considerable impact on me because of the work I have done with Tina, her insights and her validation have enabled me to feel held and have definitely helped me connect with nature in a deeper sense and to have awareness of the power of being still and grounded – in a literal sense and metaphysical sense too.” 

Sarah L, UK

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