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What people say

"You know what I liked most about the way you conducted the course? Every week you made it clear that we could be open and welcoming, understanding, that every thought, every feeling, was valid. There was no judgement. How beautiful that is.  Your voice too....wonderful. Soft, gentle, guiding  Your tone...perfect. No repetitions, no hesitancy, just clear directions, ideas communicated in your own, inimitable way. The idea that one could look at Nature in a totally new, totally different way was delivered expertly. Teaching us to open our senses, to develop stillness, quieten our minds and engage with Nature in ways I would never have contemplated. 


The way you conducted each part of each session was excellent. You always listened to us and gave us the time to get our words out, no matter how difficult we found it. Then you were always able to relate it to what you were trying to teach us. Always positively too. That is a real skill Tina.  You taught us to see Nature in new ways. Taught us that we are Nature, though too often disconnected. You offered us ways to reconnect, creating fundamental shifts in my stubborn, dull mindset. You revealed how Nature provides the sanctuary so that our inner truth might emerge.


So, I started out sceptical, somewhat less than enthusiastic and ended up deeply sad that it was all over. Credit to you. Professional, patient and personal. I can think of nothing to criticise, nothing I would add or take away. It only remains for me to thank you for creating the course and giving your time to share your knowledge and open up a new world for us to step into." Simon, UK

Simon, Suffolk, UK

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