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"food nourishes the body, but flowers heal the soul"
old proverb

For centuries flowers have blessed us with their gentle beauty; touching something within us, lifting our spirits and permeating our lives through gifts, gestures and gardens. Throughout the centuries going back to ancient civilisations, flowers have been recognised for their healing qualities, often being used for emotional disturbances and spiritual cleansing or rebirth.  Simply being in the presence of flowers, has an impact on our energy, on our vibration and on our well-being.

Today, thanks to the pioneering work of Edward Bach in the 1930's, we are able to work with the healing qualities of flowers, through bottled flower essences, where each flower's energetic imprint has been infused into water and preserved with alcohol. 


As we invite these essences into our being, not only do we receive gentle support and grace as we move through emotionally challenging times, we also awaken a part of ourselves that brings us back to our centre, back to the true, beautiful and vital essence of our individual self as part of an interconnected ecosystem.  We all possess within us an innate wisdom and vitality, yet we are so often clouded, blocked or removed from our potential of inner peace, joy and love.  There are many things that may hold us back from blossoming.  Regardless of how simple or how ambitious our ideas of success are, we may repeatedly come up against barriers between out outer life and our inner longing or knowing.  These barriers could be presented as any of the following or more:

  • Feelings of insecurity/fear

  • Low self esteem or self worth

  • Feelings of guilt or shame

  • Being caught in cycles of thought

  • Repeating destructive patters of behaviour

  • Unable to communicate or express our truth

  • Unclear on what our truth or purpose is

  • Feelings of overwhelm/uncertainty

  • Feeling highly sensitive to the feelings and energy of others, or the environment

  • Unresolved trauma

  • Unexpressed grief

Working with flower essences, doesn't 'fix' or eliminate these problems, rather they awaken the potential within us to see things with greater clarity, to help us recalibrate and release these barriers, guiding us back to our true self.

Flower essences are safe and natural remedies that are wonderful for children and animals, can be used alongside other medication and can be taken during pregnancy.

What Happens During a Flower Essence Consultation?

On the lead up to and during a flower essence consultation, I will take some background information, to gain a good overview of your life style and the challenges you face.  I hold a very gentle and compassionate space, enabling you to be witnessed and heard without judgement, before exploring different essences that may help and the wisdom each of these essences bring to the world.  Through this process, it is common for each client to gain deeper insight into their personal situation and already, the journey back to their vital self has begun.  In some consultations we may take the whole session to chat and explore, with the final essence combination being determined afterwards, but in most cases, we will determine which essences to work with, during the session and you will be able to take your combination home with you when you leave (posted out within 24 hours for online consultations).

Consultations are offered online or in person.  Based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - I work out of Bury Natural Health Centre, online consultations are offered via zoom. The cost of a consultation, including one essence combination is £55.

To book a consultation please email me at

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