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The Art of Blossoming

Drawing on neuroscience and nature based wellbeing practices, I can create a tailor made workshop for your group or team, to help them harness natural tools to support their wellbeing on an ongoing basis. 


Workshop topics include:


The Human Toolbox: A wellbeing educational programme explaining what our emotions are for and why some people explode in anger or implode with depression and anxiety. The programme shares the tools that we all have as human beings, which enable us to manage our emotions effectively to improve relationships and live an emotionally healthy life.

Natural Mindfulness: Learn about the ways in which nature can support our wellbeing, the science to support it and experience a bespoke natural mindfulness walk.

Flower Essences: Learn about flower essences, what they are and how they can support your wellbeing. Workshops can be tailored to individual wellbeing areas, such as confidence, marketing, public speaking or grief.

I also collaborate with other wellbeing providers and venues to create specific training workshops for businesses and groups and am excited to announce a NEW - FIND YOUR CALM - workshop created in collaboration with Kirsten Goodwin and the beautiful Ickworth Hotel.  This one day retreat combines the power of neuroscience with the power nature to help participates find their calm.  Participants will leave the day feeling refreshed, centred and inspired with  a range of tools and techniques to help them improve their wellbeing and find their calm.  Please refer to the flyer at the link above and contact Lucy Cengiz at the Ickworth Hotel for more information about the day.

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