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You Are a Force of Nature!
A Nature Lover's Pathway to Unlocking Authentic Power

Are you facing life head on? Or are you hiding from your truth?

We’re all constantly in a state of transition – growing, evolving, expanding, contracting, pulsing from one cycle or phase to the next. But I think you will agree that we’re in an era of unprecedented change?  The status quo no longer cuts the biscuit and things have to change…

The feelings this can lead to within us can range from overwhelm, to grief, to wild rage or bold activism AND if that all feels too much – sheer avoidance, apathy and ultimately depression.


Couple the general overarching state of the world, with significant natural life changes such as puberty, becoming a parent or menopause and you could quite easily feel as though are single handedly facing a tidal wave.  


Throw in some unexpected life events, such as bereavement, career change, chronic illness or abuse and trauma and well.. enough said...

The level of change we’re experiencing in today’s world calls for us to DIG DEEP if we want to face these changes FULL on, become alchemists of adversity and work with them as the powerful portals of transformation they are.

Before, during and after transitions, we need a strong foundation of regenerative, grounded well-being practices that are capable of holding us as we come undone from what we were, connect with the potential and soul truth of what we can become and step into our new phase with authenticity, confidence, clarity and peace of mind, feeling on purpose and fully present in our truth.

In You Are A Force of Nature, I guide you to creating that solid, authentic and powerful container within your own being so that you can, rest, release, regenerate, and powerfully take ownership of your own unique transformation.

This unique journey will help you to deepen your connection with nature, ground yourself, open your heart and step into the power of your authentic self. The wisdom, insights and practices shared during this journey are suitable for everyone, but especially if you:

  • Want to access extra personal power and clarity to help you step more fully into your purpose and authenticity

  • Feel frustrated about the state of the world and feel powerless to do anything

  • Feel stuck and unfulfilled, you know there is more, but you're not sure what or how to change things

  • You're going through a transition or facing a crossroads in your life and feel uncertain about the future

  • Feel constantly tired and exhausted no matter how much self care you do, lacking in motivation and energy

If you resonate with any of these, I'll be excited to meet you so we can start bringing more of your unique heart and soul energy to the world... let's make sure the grounding is there to power you up from the right source knowing that you're able to hold it - so you can go forth and create a more beautiful world, where nature plays a lead role...

Travelling through these times, you may well find yourself:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities and emotions

  • Caught in cycles of worry and thought, anxious about the future or ruminating over the past

  • Isolated and misunderstood

  • Disconnected from your body, heart and soul truth, caught up in your head

  • Confused and struggling to make decisions

  • Held back in some way from the living your truth or fulfilling your potential

I have certainly felt like that many times in the past, and sometimes still do – it’s part of the human experience in a modern world where our relationship with nature is fractured and we are disconnected from our true power.

Based on ecotherapy and nature connection principles, this 6 week course, will take you on a journey of reconnecting with your nature consciousness, grounding you deep into Earth energy so that you:

  • Strengthen and soothe your nervous system to build emotional resilience 

  • Learn ways to quieten your mind and come home to your body

  • Realise a sense of belonging and interconnectedness

  • Connect with your true nature and authentic wisdom 

  • Make better decisions with ease and clarity

  • Feel more energised, whole and confident in your authenticity

Rekindling and deepening your innate connection to nature, really is like plugging in to your own authenticity and power. Nature is our natural habitat.  It makes perfect sense that we feel at home and thrive when connecting with the natural world.

Deeper nature connection, really is like a true home coming and from here, you have the perfect foundation and energy source to go forth in your authenticity, wisdom and power, creating a beautiful world where nature plays a lead role.

Within a warmly held small zoom group, we will dive deep into the roots of our well-being by exploring the following topics:

  • Why nature connection is a fundamental foundation for true well-being

  • The different ways we are in relationship with nature and why it matters

  • The role of our senses and how nature connection soothes and strengthens our nervous system

  • Developing intuition and a sense of place through nature connection

  • Learning to adopt nature as a teacher, working with cycles and elements

  • Reciprocity and reverence, giving back and giving thanks.


The format of the sessions include:

  • Topic presentations

  • Guided journey meditations

  • Stories/poetry or visuals

  • Sharing circles and deeper reflections

  • Nature connection invitations to carry out in-between sessions

  • Journalling prompts and reflections


Each participant is also invited to a half hour 1-2-1 at the end of the journey to help integrate the process and set intentions for moving forward.

Your investment in this journey is £255.


10% of all bookings are immediately transferred to our Liberating Land Fund – a project set up to purchase agricultural land for rewilding – you can read more about this on our crowdfunder page – here.

There are 2 concessions available for people who struggle to meet this financial investment, please reach out and email me if you feel a whole hearted YES to joining this journey, but don’t have the finances available.


Payment plans are also available upon request.

It's important that you feel this journey is right for you. It's better for both of us if you sign up and get exactly what you need, if not more... So if, you'd like to find out a little more about me and this journey, or experience a little of how I work, you are invited to book a complimentary 1-2-1  ~ no obligation and no salesy talk ~ I promise!

Or if you're feeling a YES and you're ready to sign up - go ahead and book now, I look forward to journeying with you deep into our roots and creating powerful foundations for transformation.

Your guide for this journey...

Hi, I'm Tina. Like many others, I have been on a long journey to emotional health, having experienced quite severe mental illness around 25 years ago.  I have been on prescription medication, have experienced several years of psychotherapy, have travelled, enjoyed yoga and meditation and embraced whole heartedly any personal development offering I can in order to find peace of mind.

I'm sure that all of those experiences, played a significant part in my journey, especially psychotherapy. However it is when I discovered flower essences and deepened my connection with nature, that I really started to feel as though I had arrived home... home in my heart, home in my body and home on this beautiful planet, as part of a miraculous ecosystem.

I started offering nature based wellbeing experiences 5 years ago and during lockdown, I decided to create an online nature connection journey.  I quickly discovered that this approach empowered people to develop their own nature connection practice with the nature on their doorstep and soon grew an online community of nature loving souls who benefited significantly from my courses.

You Are A Force of Nature is an evolution of these courses, bringing together much of the wisdom and experience of the last 3 years, it is the first in a series of 4 courses and a key foundation to working with me on a 1-2-1 basis.

I am an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association, an authorised Human Toolbox Practitioner, have completed natural mindfulness and forest bathing guide training with author Ian Banyard, and Earthwalk leadership training with John Cree.  I recently completed a Holistic Health Foundation course, with Ian Watson and Rachel Singletong, where we took a deep dive into different health and medical paradigms and explored the essence of Health itself, drawing on the understanding of The 3 Principles. I have since completed Natural Success training with William Whitecloud and various mental health trainings with Mind. I continue to deepen my knowledge, understanding and embodiment of nature's wisdom, through regular supervision and training. 


It is my greatest pleasure and honour to walk beside you as you rediscover or deepen your relationship with the natural world, tap into the heart of your true essence and explore ways in which nature can become your teacher and guide. 

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