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During lockdown, I launched a series of online courses that guide you into a deeper connection with the nature on your doorstep.  At first I wasn't sure that nature connection could be delivered in an online environment, however I soon realised that there are significant benefits for participants when working in this way. Now with regular online sessions, clients are easily able to to connect with other like minded nature loving people around the world AND discover ways to deepen their connection with the nature on their own doorstep and within their own life. 


Rather than come along to a session outdoors and experience a spa like relaxation session (although that is still offered and valued too), my clients are now empowered to build their own nature connection practice in-between sessions and share insights and wisdom with each other as they go.

Within a warm and gentle online community, the courses and experiences I offer will help you to:


  • Understand more fully the reasons for deepening your connection with nature

  • Connect with other nature loving people in a safe and non judgemental space

  • Deepen your nature connection practice

  • Deepen your connection with your true nature to unlock your own authenticity, wisdom and power.

Meditations have become an important and much loved part of the experiences I offer, and have evolved into individual offerings in their own right.  All meditations are created with the intention of deepening your connection with the natural world AND also with your own truth, wisdom and power. People working with these meditations as a transformation tool will experience the greatest benefit from attending.

No upcoming events at the moment
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