We all innately know that spending time in nature is good for us. We feel the benefits, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The science is also accumulating to back up what we feel, showing that spending time outdoors reduces the stress hormone cortisol, improves immunity, reduces inflammation, improves mood and more.

However, simply spending time outdoors is just the tip of a wealth of wellbeing outcomes possible by reconnecting with the natural world. 

Within each of us resides a well of wisdom and an abundant source of health and peace. Reconnecting with nature, gently welcomes us back to our own true nature and reawakens this beautiful potential within us...

All of the programmes and experiences I offer, guide you into experiences in the natural world that help you to quieten your mind, awaken your senses and become fully present with the nature around you so that you feel truly connected to the web of life. Once this sense of connection is experienced, it’s as though we are plugged back into a well of belonging, a light is switched on, life becomes more vibrant and we realign, re-centre and recognise our true essence.

Reaching this state within ourselves can help us to:

  • Build resilience through changing times

  • Bring peace, quiet and calm to a busy mind

  • Soothe the nervous system

  • Experience more joy in life, even when times are tough

  • Create a life of meaning, connection and belonging

I invite you to read through the programmes and experiences outlined below and join me and others on this journey of connection and belonging.